Karl-Heinz Brieger
LPGN Independent Business Owner,
ID#: 15527153
Wuerzburg, Bayern
Good health, financial stability and a balanced lifestyle are within your reach
LifePharm Global Network provides the vehicle to help us improve our health, earn a living and enjoy doing it.When we share the benefits of our truly exceptional products, we not only help others improve their health, we also provide them with the same opportunity that is yours: to become an Independent Business Owner supported by an extended family made up of all of us at LifePharm Global Network.


Others have experienced
“The wonderful LifePharm Global compensation plan solved a few important issues in my life. When the stress of financial hardship eased, I became happier and healthier in every way. What I am happiest about is that the people who I recommended Laminine to are really excited and grateful for this product. They now have the opportunity to share it and create an income stream of their own.
Svetlana G., Emerging Market
Laminine has improved my health and skin. As my health is enhanced, my income has increased! I will introduce Laminine to many people, so they can feel the benefits. I will also pursue further qualifications to achieve higher ranks.”
Linda, Indonesia
“When I received such good results from Laminine, I was inspired to work the business opportunity. When sharing with others, I start by doing a product presentation and then show the compensation plan. I am happy to be able to help people not only with their health but also with their finances.”
Edison T., Philippines
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